Revisión de la Revista Árabe de Negocios y Gestión

Volumen 6, Asunto 4 (2016)

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The Relationship between Managers’ Cognitive Style and Their Leadership Type as Moderated by Organizational Culture

Alireza Hejazi

Current research examined the relationship between managers’ cognitive style and their leadership type as moderated by organizational culture. The perceptions of subordinates were surveyed to explore the relationships. The population of the current study was English speaking knowledge workers, who were subordinates under a manager at least for three years. The sample consisted of 140 subordinates gathered through snowball sampling method. The Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI), Kirton’s Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI) and Managerial Behavior Instrument (MBI) were used as measurements. Hierarchical multiple regressions were used to test 24 hypotheses of the study. While the adaptive cognitive style could be a predictor of producer, harddriver, regulator, and monitor leadership types, the innovative cognitive style could not predict any leadership type. The findings of current research contribute to the study of behavioral complexity in leadership by introducing a new paradigm in which the effectiveness of managers originates from the coordination between their adaptive cognitive style and compete and control oriented leadership types.

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A Customer Satisfaction Based Approach for New Product Development Method

Yasutaka Kainuma and Daisuke Amano

In this study, we suggest a product development methodology from the view of customer satisfaction. By identifying the importance level of each quality element of a product and providing the functional relation of the quality model. In the analysis process, we calculate the weight of importance of each quality element. Then, we apply a method using utility functions as a functional expression of quality model. By combining the weight of importance and these utility functions, it is possible to identify the degree of importance and the quality model. In the synthesis process, we apply group decision making stress method to synthesize the view of each evaluator because each evaluator’s view differs that is realistically difficult to conform to each person. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, we conducted a case study regarding the choice of cars and confirmed the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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Evolution of Ideas with in the Business Strategy from Historical Perspective

Malik Shahzad Shabbir

This paper investigated whether the historical ideas are useful for designing the business strategic and has examined how historical ideas could be helpful in designing new era of business strategic. Nowadays the relationship between historical ideas and modern business strategies has seen a good impact on production of the businesses. And we have seen that there is a huge competition among different business companies, especially Telecom and Computer industries of the world. It is also noted that, are historical ideas helpful for the new era business strategy? Whether the historical ideas are implemented on business strategies and modern business techniques? To find out at what extent historical ideas could helpful in designing new era business strategic. However, Emirates Telecommunications Corporation purchased a 26% stake in PTCL and assumed management control of the company. Fixed-line subscriptions declined from a peak of 5.2 million in 2005-06 to 3.4 million in 2009-10.

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Drivers of Financial Inclusion to Reach Out Poor

M Bhuvana and S.Vasantha

Financial inclusion is defined as an activity of facilitating banking as well as financial services to the low income group people and people from most vulnerable group in the society. The successful achievement of financial inclusion can be done by the most effective and transparent financial services. In India, government has taken several initiatives to foster financial inclusion. Financial Institutions like banks has shown an immense increase in its extent to provide their banking services to the people from the unreached and excluded sections in the society. But World Bank Global Findex Database 2014 has highlighted that, in India 21% of adults are unbanked and only 53% of adult population possess financial services from a formal financial institutions. This paper identifies that financial literacy, high cost, technology, trust, income level, distance and inappropriate products are the factors that determine the financial inclusion in rural areas. This study discusses about the various innovative delivery channels used to reach the rural people and a conceptual model is developed to find out the factors that drives the financial inclusion.

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Examining the Impact of Social Media on Internet Banking

Monica Bhardwaj and Renu Aggarwal

The technology has leveraged innovative modes of socializing, from facebook to twitter, man has become more social than ever before. But is the social media only limited to networking with the friends and reference groups or is there is more to it. This has been a big challenge for marketers to understand this consumer behavior. Since the interactions between people on these media are not only limited to personal chats but also include sharing experiences about purchases, preferences for brands and personal feelings about products. In response to its growing acceptability, popularity and impact the businesses are also turning to social media to market, promote their products and to interact with their customer and understand their changing needs and behavior. The present paper investigates the influence of support taken from social platforms on internet purchasing in India. The implications for the practitioners and researchers are discussed.

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Relevance of Best Human Resource Practices for the Armed Forces

Gurdeep Singh Narang

Tough service conditions with high risk, relatively poor salaries, limited promotional avenues, frequent transfers and disruption in family life could be some of the reasons due to which the Indian Armed Forces are facing a severe manpower crunch in their officer’s cadre. Setting up of pay commissions on regular basis to review pay structure, up gradation of some of the ranks and appointment have also not been able to create a sense of wellbeing. Effective recruitment, competitive compensation, efficient training and development to retain the manpower available, has therefore become a greater challenge to the military leaders. This research was undertaken to analyse relevance of best human resource practices prevalent in the corporate sector and their application in Indian Armed forces to assist them in attracting and retaining the best talent. This paper concludes with the recommendations suggesting methodology and timelines to implement the findings to improve human resource management in the Armed forces.

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Growth of Islamic Banking in Pakistan

Rabia Najaf

Our founder Quaid-e-Azam was very much interested in the Islamic banking in our country. The prime objective of state bank is to remove interest system from the Pakistan. In 1970s Islamic banking was not famous, but at the start of twenty century it is very common in all over the world. Islamic banking is account value approximately USD 500 billion. It is growing with the ratio of 11-15%. Islamic banking is flourishing dynamically in also Pakistan like other countries, since January, 1981 it is very famous in Pakistan. All over the world financial stability has a crucial role. From the last 30 years Islamic banking has scope in the world. At this time, there are almost 200 Islamic banks which are providing the Shariah compliant. We analyzed the strength of Islamic banks with the help of AID model. Our results have shown that Islamic banking is the milestone for the future Islamic banking. In this paper, we have taken GIB as the dependent variable and SC, IV, DV, ROA as the dependent variables. It has proved that there is positive association between them. Islamic banking is growing in the world at very fast pace. In the near future it will reach till 1300 billion. Persentably, across the 1200 Islamic banking are providing their services. In Pakistan, there is solid platform related to Islamic banking in Pakistan. In 2000 state bank was introduced the first Islamic bank.

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How To Keep the Talent You Have Got; Constructing Factors Related to Worker Retention

Napoleon Arrey Mbayong

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of individual-based, firm-based, and market factors on job retention, basing its hypotheses on human capital theory and signalling models. Design/methodology/approaches: Cluster sampling method was utilized for this research. This research is conducted to determine the employee retention factors in selected industries. Upon selecting the 4 industry and 4 organizations, the designed questionnaires were equally distributed to all the 4 organization with 50 questionnaires for each. Again, from many organizations in one industry we select the most accessible organization and distributed the questionnaires to 50 respondents. This would be the applicable for all other 3 industries and organization. Findings: Growth and development, working culture and environment, remuneration, recognition and empowerment are motivating factors in an organization that are primary causes of job satisfaction leading to retention. Based on the findings and results all the factors leading to employee retention in an organization are highly correlated with each other. Research limitations/implications: This study examines worker mobility from the perspective of actual length of job retention, complementing existing streams of research based on intention to leave. Because a few unexamined psychological and sociological factors may confound the findings and because only examine one firm is examined, care should be used when generalizing the findings to other firms. Practical implications: The study provides evidence useful in the creation of human resource management practices aimed at retaining competent employees. Originality/value: This study’s research questions and methods are new to the line of turnover studies, making it a starting point for further lines of exploration.

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The Family-Work Conflict: A GSS/NO approach

Carlos Largacha -Martinez

The family work conflict (FWC) is analyzed in this paper within the Conservation of Resources Theory (COR) (Hobfoll, 1989). Three concepts were addressed in order to analyze the FWC: family resources, work resources, and organizational distress. Previous organizational research showed the importance of controlling for gender, age, and SES, elements taken into account in this paper. Based in the GSS and NOS mixed database of 1991, results support the idea of the correlation of number of children less than 12 years old and FWC. Likewise, relations between managers and workers and FWC showed the highest significance in the model (p < 0.0005). In accordance with COR, the age of respondent and marital status are negatively correlated with FWC, supporting the idea that the more the resources that a person has, the less the conflict he/she has with coping with stressful situations.

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Customer Satisfaction and Technology in Banking-A Scenario of Udaipur City

Harshita Bhatnagar

This paper investigates the linkages between the customer satisfaction and factors accountable for its enhancement especially in banking sector. Recent sign of advancement in the technology and quality of services provided by the banking industry leads to more and more increase in expectations of the customers. These (factor analysis) findings shows that variables like tangibles, personnel, technological excellence, reliability and competence factor are vital factors, which customers’ perceive as decisive while transacting with any type of bank. These variables have high impact on customer satisfaction. It is found that the customers of private sector banks are highly satisfied than public sector bank with reference to the 3 factor namely tangibles, personnel and technological excellence. But the customers of private and public sector bank are more or less similarly satisfied with regards to reliability and competence of service. Nevertheless the overall satisfaction is very high among the customer of private sector in comparison to public sector bank. That's why there is call for a systemic approach to deal with endogenous and long term problems and should attempt to reach benchmarks of customer expectation in order to lead banking sector into the era of prosperity and combat with multinational institution.

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The Antecedents of Plagiarism in Higher Education: Support Tools for Teaching Staff

Gustavo Lannelongue

Numerous studies have described the causes of plagiarism within higher education, either by focusing on contextual factors or on individual reasons. Few of these, however, help teaching staff when seeking to reduce or control this plagiarism. This paper analyses a series of factors of voluntary and involuntary plagiarism that may be taken into account in teaching strategies. Furthermore, it provides empirical evidence using data from antiplagiarism software and from a survey involving 92 university students. The study’s main conclusions are that the more straightforward a task is and the less information students have available to them, the less the likelihood of deliberate plagiarism. By contrast, it is shown that the greater students’ instruction regarding the citation system, the lower their propensity to involuntary plagiarism.

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Protecting the Nigerian Consumer: An Expository Examination of the Role of Consumer Protection Council

Nwankwo Cosmas A, Anyanwu Aham V and Nwankwo Cosmas A

This study examines the protection of Nigerian Consumers with particular reference to the role of Consumer Protection Council of Nigeria (CPC) established by the Act C25 of 2004 and charged with the responsibility to promote, protect and safeguard the rights and interests of consumers in all areas of goods and services. The study analyzed primary data against the background of the objectives of the study. Evidences available indicate that consumer protection in Nigeria, like in most less developed countries had remained at the lowest ebb in spite of the prevalence of unwholesome business practices. The study observed that although the CPC Act recognized the rights of consumers, it does not specifically provide how these rights should be enforced, as they were merely implied and subsumed into the functions of the Act Council. The study also found that most of the consumers do not take time to study the labels on products before purchase and as a result, they do not have full information about the products that would help them to protect their rights. Consumers’ awareness of their protection laws is low, which results in the absence of litigations against sellers even in cases of obvious infringements. The implication of the findings is that the Consumer Protection Council should be more proactive in safeguarding the rights and welfare of consumers in Nigeria. The paper recommended intensified consumer education, by Consumer Protection Council, focusing on consumers in order to increase their knowledge as well as push for the amendment of specific sections of the Act C25 of 2004 to add more powers to the Council to enable them give the aggrieved consumers unfettered access to courts to pursue their rights.

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The Role of Rewards in Improving the Performance of Customer Service in Government Sector

Hammad Alshammari

This paper is an exploratory study of rewards and performance, and examines the role of rewards on the performance of customer service; (also called front desk officers) in the context of Saudi Arabia government sector using content analysis on the country’s current traditional pay structures. From the review of literature and practices it is observed that the use of performance related incentives (rewards) is more problematic in the public sector than in the private sector. Nevertheless, there have been some degrees of successes even in some developing countries’ civil service in the class of Saudi Arabia. The traditional pay structures for Saudi Arabia government service based on grades and seniority, rather than performance may not produce the required productivity and efficiency. The World Bank has also recognized the problems caused by the traditional model of civil service pay structures, which it sees as central to what it terms as ‘bureaucratic dysfunction”. In view of the notable successes recorded in countries similar to Saudi Arabia in the use of reward for performance scheme, the Kingdom needs to review its current traditional pay structures for the public sector to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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Study on Eco-management in Farming Enterprises in Bulgaria

Hrabrin Bachev

This paper presents the results of a first large-scale study on forms, factors, and efficiency of eco-management in farming enterprises of different type (individual and family farms, agri-firms, agro-corporations, agro-cooperatives etc.) in Bulgaria. First, a brief characterization of surveyed “eco-active” farming enterprises is made. After that, diverse (internal, private, contract, market, formal, informal, hybrid etc.) forms and the scope of eco-management in farming enterprises are analyzed. Next, different (ideological, economic, market, social etc.) factors of eco-management in farming enterprises are specified. After that, analysis is made on costs, effects, efficiency and perspectives of ecomanagement in farming enterprises. Finally, conclusions from the study are summarized.

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Are the investments simultaneously in Indian Equity market and frontier equity markets provides diversification? (A case study of south Asian countries)

Muhammad Mansoor Baig, Muhammad Bilal and Waheed Aslam

The essential goal of this study is to compute the long run relationship between emerging market of India (SENSEX) with frontier markets of KSE 100 and Colombo stock exchange by taking weekly values from stock return prices for 2000-2014. The technique of Johanson co-integration, Granger causality test, and Variance Decomposition Test are applied. The results of this study reveal that emerging market of India (SENSEX) has no long run relationship with frontier markets (KSE, CSE). This study is helpful for investors to enhance their returns by diversifying the unsystematic risk at given level of profit. Furthermore, this study is productive for the portfolio managers who make investments in the SENSEX market and frontiers stock exchange (KSE100, CSE) with the aim to attain the high rate of profit.

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Effect of Profitability and Financial Leverage on Capita Structure in Pakistan Textile Firms

Hassan Shahid, Hassan Shahid and Muhammad Akmal

This study concentration the effect of profitability and financial leverage on capital structure in Pakistan textile firms. This study is based on selected 10 listed KSE textile firms the data for the period 2009 to 2014. Estimated regression model and correlation between the financial leverage and profitability on capital structure. According to our finding there is negative relationship between capital structure and profitability and positive relationship between capital structure and financial leverage if the financial leverage is increase the profitability is decrease and vice versa there have negative correlation.

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Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions in Bangladesh: A Preliminary Study

Naheem Mahtab and Mohammad Abdullah

Corporate governance is an important issue these days. Good corporate governance can lead to a lot of positive effects on financial institutions. Proper implementation of corporate governance has become one the concerning issue in global arena. Considering the current condition of financial institution of Bangladesh it has become important for Bangladesh to focus on it. A lot of research has been carried out to see the effect of corporate governance in financial institutions. Accordingly, this study aimed to explore to find the effect of corporate governance in financial institutions in Bangladesh. In doing so we have summarized the findings of the empirical studies, drawn the conceptual framework, measured corporate governance of financial institution by using data of 15 (fifteen) listed private commercial banks (out of 30) in Bangladesh for the time horizon of 5 years (2009-2014). The variables used in this study to find out the effect of corporate governance in Bangladeshi financial institutions are: average return on equity, average return on assets, average allocative efficiency, average technical efficiency and other variables. In most of the cases positive relationship was determined between the variable discussed.

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The Impact of Advertisement on Buying Behavior of the Children

Malik Shahzad Shabbir

The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of media on buying behavior of children in Pakistan. However, comparatively we have analyzed how the parents and peers play their roles in making buying decision of their children. We have used primary data to find out consumer socialization and factors that affect children influencing and final decision making in doing any purchase. Our dependent variable was child buying behavior which is dependent upon media, parents and peers. In primary data we have conducted questionnaire from different schools of top level to low level to get diversified responses. Different variables have shown different results which effect the advertisement, parents and friends who act as socialization agent and evaluation source in making brand perception and final decision in making purchase of food product. We have made bar charts to make the responses from our respondents more explanatory and easy for analysis. To prove our hypothesis, we analysis correlations, frequency tables, cross-tabs and chi-square through SPSS software.

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Impact of Merger and Acquisitions on the Financial Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

Daniya Adeiza Abdulazeez, Onotu Suleiman and Abdulrahaman Yahaya

The overall objective of this study is to examine the impact of mergers and acquisitions on the financial performance of some selected deposit money banks in Nigerian from 2002 to 2008. This paper used Returns on Asset (ROA) and Return on Equity (ROE) of the selected banks to measure the financial performance of the banks before and after consolidation. Four Nigerian banks were selected using convenience and judgmental sampling techniques. The study utilized secondary data retrieved from the annual reports and accounts of the studied banks. Data for the study were analyzed using T-test statistics and it was revealed that bank witnessed improved and robust financial performance owing to merger and acquisition leading to more financial efficiency in the Nigerian banks. The paper recommends that banks should be more aggressive in financial products marketing to increase financial performance in order to reap the benefit of post mergers and acquisition bid in the Nigerian banking sector.

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A Study of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Manufacturing Industry in India: An Emerging Economic Opportunity of GDP Growth and Challenges

Sanghamitra Samal and D.Venkatrama Raju

The economic development of a country is based on its Industries Revolution with more production and promotion (Less Import and more Export of Product ) which are mostly possible through the revolution of agriculture, industries etc. in many sectors . The developments are easily possible when Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) comes to India and enters in 1991. It is an important source of Economic development in India, because it helps to bring close the different economies of the country by investing capital through FDI in various resources like manufacturing, infrastructure, transport, technology, services, productivity and hospitality etc. This paper seeks to present “The Role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Manufacturing Industry in India: An Emerging Opportunity of GDP Growth and its Challenges” particularly studies about the role and Importance of FDI in manufacturing sector. Here, the researcher has taken the hypothesis (Ho), maximization of FDI in manufacturing Sector in Industry it develops the economic condition of the factory as well as the Country with maximizing GDP (He). Where this paper taken two variables of study for extracts how it impact on the manufacturing sector of the country and how it affects the economic growth of GDP. It analyzes about the growth of economy and manufacturing sector of Indian Companies due to liberalization of Economic Policy of the Country as well as the policy framed by the honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Damodar Das Modi’s dream Project of “Make in India” and Smart Cities” etc. In this research article, the researcher has focused on the center of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on manufacturing Industries of India. By investing more FDI it facilitates the economic development & as well as increase the growth of the domestic Product (GDP) of the country and found its positive impact in every sector of industrial life and Human life in order to maintain a sustainable & moderate life style.

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Organizational Culture and Workplace Spirituality

Mohamed Mousa and Ruth Alas

Over the last decade, workplace spirituality has become a buzzword in business and organization literature. Furthermore, many studies have affirmed its significance in satisfying individuals inner feelings and self- actualization. As organizational culture represents the personality of any organization, it has a tremendous role in shaping current and future organizational orientation. This study explores the link between organizational culture traits and workplace spirituality dimensions by conducting a qualitative case study in Menoufia province (Egypt). Both correlation and regression analysis of collected date indicated that it is false to assume that all traits of organizational culture have a strong effect on workplace spirituality dimensions.

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