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Impact of Market Surveillance Activities on Certification Services of Uganda National Bureau of Standards in the Past Five Years(2017/18-2021/22)


Manirakiza Leonard

Uganda National Bureau of Standards is mandated to enforce standards in protection of the public against harmful, dangerous and sub-standard products. The enforcement activities are carried out through market surveillance activities while compliance to the standards is handled by Certification function. For the past five years, the Bureau has registered a progressive increase in the performance of these two functions and therefore it was imperative to examine the impact of surveillance activities on the certification services. Data was collected from UNBS database for the performance of these functions in the past five years. Correlation and regression analyses were applied to examine the associations that exist between market surveillance activities and certification services. The findings revealed that a very strong and positive correlation between market surveillance and certification services (r=0.947). It was revealed that 89.6% of certification services are influenced by market surveillance activities (R Square=0.896).

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