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Caffeinated Energy Drinks: Similarities & Differences between the Marketing Authorization Procedures for Indian and Canadian Market


Sunil Gupta* and Shubham Dawange

Although the intake of caffeine dates back to the time when various civilisations were just beginning, energy drinks (EDs) were only launched about 40 years ago. Since then, both India and Canada have seen an upsurge in the consumption of caffeinated energy drinks (CEDs). It has been contrasted between the regulatory standards in India and Canada for CED marketing permission. This covers the warnings for caffeinated beverages as well as the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) amounts for its ingredients. In order to comprehend the licencing process for caffeinated beverages in terms of manufacturing, distribution and sale, new start-ups and manufacturers will benefit from the comparison. The CED FSSAI guidelines are subject to individual interpretation. While the CEDs regulations in Canada are quite simple. Hence, the present review gives the exact information related to registration process of caffeinated beverages in Canada and India. Also, the standards set by Canada and India for energy drinks are mentioned in this review which helps new organisation and start-ups to explore the regulatory requirements for caffeinated energy drinks.

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