Kidneys Susceptible to Hypoxia: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Implications


Dogroulle B. Hans and Mark L. Hans*

Hypoxia, a state of reduced oxygen supply, is a critical determinant of kidney function and health. The kidneys, as high-energy-consuming organs, are particularly susceptible to hypoxia-induced damage. This manuscript explores the underlying mechanisms of kidney susceptibility to hypoxia and its implications in renal pathophysiology. We delve into the physiological response to hypoxia, the role of Hypoxia-Inducible Factors (HIFs), and the various cellular pathways contributing to kidney injury in hypoxic conditions. Additionally, we discuss potential therapeutic interventions and preventive strategies to mitigate the adverse effects of kidney hypoxia. Understanding the complexities of kidney hypoxia can pave the way for novel treatments for renal diseases.

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