Revista de medicina deportiva y estudios de dopaje

Variability in Paediatric Athlete Growth Patterns across Diverse Sport Disciplines


Felice Watson*

This study delves into the intricacies of growth patterns among paediatric athletes, exploring the notable variability across a spectrum of diverse sport disciplines. Analysing data from participants representing 46 different sport types, the research sheds light on the nuanced effects of athletic training on body height trajectories. Growth patterns during adolescence are essential indicators of overall health and development and athletes’ growth can be influenced by the demands of their respective sports. The study employs longitudinal data to investigate how sport-specific training regimens might impact growth trajectories. Results reveal a wide spectrum of growth patterns, with some athletes experiencing growth spurts while others exhibit more gradual growth. The analysis highlights that factors such as training intensity, biomechanical stress and nutritional status contribute to the observed variability. These findings underscore the need for sport-specific considerations in monitoring the growth and development of young athletes. The study's insights have implications for optimizing training protocols and promoting the overall well-being of paediatric athletes participating in various sports.

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