Revista de diagnóstico y biomarcadores moleculares

Neuro-Enzyme Marker: Unveiling Connections to Autism Spectrum Disorder


Mario Spena*

The search for reliable biomarkers to aid in the early detection and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has been an ongoing endeavor in the field of neurology and psychiatry. The study delves into the potential significance of Neuron-Specific Enolase (NSE) as a promising biomarker for ASD. This review consolidates recent research findings that highlight NSE's role as a sensitive indicator of neuronal activity and its correlation with ASD-related pathophysiology. Through an exploration of the molecular mechanisms underlying ASD, the paper elucidates the rationale behind NSE's potential involvement in the disorder. Additionally, this review underscores the importance of early ASD diagnosis and intervention, emphasizing NSE's viability as a non-invasive and accessible candidate biomarker. As the field of neurology continues to advance, the integration of NSE as a diagnostic tool could pave the way for improved ASD management and a deeper comprehension of the intricate neurodevelopmental origins of the disorder. However, the paper also acknowledges the need for further research to validate NSE's utility, suggesting avenues for future investigations.

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