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NGS Revolution: Unveiling Genetic Mysteries, Base by Base, for Boundless Discoveries


Stacey Gabriel*

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized the field of genetics and DNA research, enabling scientists to uncover previously hidden genetic mysteries by decoding the genome, base by base. This literature review examines the impact of NGS in various domains, including human genomics, cancer research, agriculture, and forensic science. It discusses the advancements made possible by NGS, the challenges faced, and the future prospects of this transformative technology. Next-Generation Sequencing has ushered in a new era of genetic exploration, enabling high-throughput sequencing of DNA at an unprecedented scale. This section introduces the concept of NGS and highlights its significance in unraveling genetic mysteries, setting the stage for the literature review. NGS has transformed human genomics research, leading to groundbreaking discoveries. This section explores how NGS has facilitated the identification of rare genetic variants associated with diseases, the understanding of complex genetic disorders, and the development of personalized medicine approaches. It also highlights the challenges associated with data analysis and interpretation in large-scale genomic studies.

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