Why Precision Ball Cycloidal Reducer Drives Mobile Robot to Perfect at Unmatched Cost Benefit!!


Erica Li

Mobile robot business grows fast at a high CAGR with the emergence of e-commerce and winning Covid 19 struggle, while there are apparent needs for technology advance in hardware drive performance. Besides high positioning accuracy upon carrying heavy loads, mobile robot will need all-directional free movement at good compactness, high efficiency, long stable service life, easy manufacturing with good price, more environmental friendly experience, these put forward challenges to current mobile wheel drive, esp. Precision Wheel hub gearbox, which largely, and directly influence mobile robot’s motion performance. Based upon customer’s experience, we will suggest adopting zero backlash precision Cycloidal replace planetary reducer, to build into wheel, thus bestow excellent performance from all aspects at unmatched cost benefit, carrying robot evolution to next level advanced stage.

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