The Influence of Criticism on Functional Connectivity of the Brain and its Association with Neuroticism


Praveen Iyer*, Mongesh Nilson and Alice Erikson

This study investigated the impact of criticism on the functional connectivity of the brain and its relationship with neuroticism. A total of 60 healthy participants completed a task where they received either positive or negative feedback while undergoing fMRI scans. The results showed that receiving negative feedback decreased the functional connectivity between the amygdala and medial prefrontal cortex, which are key regions involved in emotional regulation. Furthermore, individuals with higher levels of neuroticism showed greater decreases in functional connectivity after receiving negative feedback. These findings suggest that criticism can significantly impact the brain's functional connectivity, particularly in individuals with higher levels of neuroticism. The study highlights the importance of understanding the neural mechanisms underlying emotional regulation and its susceptibility to negative feedback, which could have implications for the development and treatment of psychiatric disorders.

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