Revista de investigación traslacional en oncología

Neoantigens: Unleashing the Power of Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy


Hernando Alberto*

Neoantigens have emerged as a promising avenue for personalized cancer immunotherapy, revolutionizing the treatment landscape for cancer patients. These unique tumor-specific antigens, arising from somatic mutations within tumor cells, offer a highly targeted approach to train the immune system to recognize and eliminate cancer cells. This article provides an in-depth exploration of neoantigens, their significance, discovery methods, and their potential impact on the future of cancer treatment. It highlights the clinical applications of neoantigens, including personalized vaccines and adoptive cell therapies, and discusses the challenges and future directions in this field. Ethical considerations and patient access to these innovative therapies are also addressed, emphasizing the need for equitable distribution and ethical safeguards. Ultimately, understanding and harnessing neoantigens offer a promising pathway towards personalized and effective cancer immunotherapies.

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