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Introducing a New Controller for Wind Turbines Aiming at Improving Quantity and Quality of Productivity Power


Hamid Asghari, Farzad Javanmardi

The purpose of the present study is to introduce a new controller for wind turbines aiming at improving the quantity and quality of productivity power. The energy market is a competitive market in which producing electricity in wind power plants provides users with novel advantages than its production in fossil fuel power plants. Among the advantages of wind power plants is that during their lifespan, they produce fuel without any cost. Although the cost of other sources of energy production increases within years. Using wind power to produce electricity, especially multi-megawatt capacities, is the only economical method than other production methods based on recyclable energies (solar, biomass, geothermal, waves and fuel cell). It is necessary to mention that an increasing proportion of recyclable energies in the production of electrical power is among the midterm and long term strategic policies of many countries. Wind power has increased and due to various reasons attracted the public’s attention apart from its new competitive costs. Wind turbines can produce real energy and megawatt which are useful in the enhancement of transportation performance and confirmation of useful voltage. The nature of what is distributed through wind makes generators closer to consuming centers and removes losses of energy transportation.

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