Revisión de la Revista Árabe de Negocios y Gestión

Review of the Literature and Research Agenda on Resource, Complementary and Ecological Boundaries in the Development of Digital Platform Business Models: Exploring the Boundaries of Success


Weror Rongr

The rise of digital platforms has reshaped industries and business landscapes globally, leading to the emergence of new business models and ecosystems. Understanding the boundaries within which these digital platform business models operate is essential for sustainable success. This literature review seeks to investigate the concepts of resource, complementary, and ecological boundaries and their influence on the development and sustainability of digital platform business models. By delving into existing research and identifying gaps in the literature, we aim to propose a comprehensive research agenda that can guide future studies in this dynamic field. Resource boundaries refer to the limitations and allocations of key resources within digital platform ecosystems. These resources can include data, technology infrastructure, financial assets, human capital, and more. Understanding how resource boundaries are managed and leveraged is crucial for the success of digital platform businesses.

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