Positive Response to Camrelizumab and Apatinib Combination Therapy in a Patient with Stage IIIC1 Cervical Cancer: A Case Report


Zhi-Ping Liu, Si-Han Liu, He Zhao, Fangying Ruan, Bai Xu* and Da-Xin

Advanced cervical cancer has a poor prognosis and few effective therapy options. However, immunotherapy has been approved by the FDA and has shown promising results for patients with cervical cancer. In this report, we present the case of a patient with stage IIIC1 cervical cancer who exhibited a positive response to a combination of Camrelizumab and Apatinib after radio-chemotherapy. Our findings suggest that the combination of Camrelizumab and Apatinib may provide a valuable therapeutic option for advanced cervical cancer patients who do not respond to radiochemotherapy alone.

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