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Numerical Investigations of the Influence of Magnetoconvection Radiative Heat and Mass Transfer of Fluid with Nanoparticles on a Nonlinear Stretching Sheet


Nageeb AH Haroun, Justin B Munyakazi, Abdulaziz Y A Mukhtar

The problem of free convection boundary layer flow of nanofluids over a non-linear stretching sheet in the presence of a magnetic field parameter and a suction parameter is investigated numerically. The underlying non-linear partial differential equations with associated boundary conditions are solved numerically using the spectral relaxation method. Present results agree with the previously published work in the absence of magnetic field, thermal radiation and suction. The physics of the problem is well explored for the embedded material parameters through tables and graphs. The effects of various physical parameters are analyzed in details. It is found that thermal radiation greatly effects the velocity and temperature distributions in the boundary layer.

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