Revista de fisioterapia y rehabilitación física

Enhancing Bone Health in Young Women with Opioid Dependency through an Eight-Month Exercise Intervention


Eva Berger*

This study investigates the impact of an eight-month exercise program on bone health in young women with opioid dependency. Opioid dependency among young adults is a growing public health concern, with implications for overall well-being, including skeletal health. The aim of this research was to assess whether a structured exercise intervention could improve bone health parameters in this specific population. A cohort of young women aged 18 to 30 with opioid dependency was enrolled in an eight-month exercise program. The intervention included a combination of weight-bearing and resistance exercises, tailored to the participants' physical abilities and medical considerations. Baseline and post-intervention assessments were conducted to evaluate changes in Bone Mineral Density (BMD), bone turnover markers, and physical fitness parameters. The results of this study demonstrate promising outcomes. Participants who engaged in the exercise program showed significant improvements in BMD at various skeletal sites, as well as favorable changes in bone turnover markers, indicative of enhanced bone remodelling. Physical fitness parameters, such as muscle strength and balance, also exhibited positive improvements post-intervention.

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