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Creating New Drug Therapies for Stroke Patients


David Anoy*

Stroke, also known as cerebral dead tissue, is a common disease that seriously impairs neurological function and inhibits respiratory and circulatory function. Every year, a sizable percentage of people have recurrent or new stroke rates. The two most common types of stroke are ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke is the most well-known type. Stroke is one of the top five global causes of death, especially in developed countries and it has a negative financial impact. The development of effective treatment options, particularly for ischemic strokes, is necessary due to these epidemiological and financial implications. Even though there is now no prescription that can effectively lessen the effects of an ischemic stroke, ongoing drug research aims to develop drugs that can both treat and prevent supplementary complications. These drugs aim to improve cell digestion, metabolic function and blood vessel recanalization.

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