Revista de histología molecular y fisiología médica

Assessing the Histological Credibility and Clinical Efficacy of Fractional Laser Therapy for Acne Scar Management


Veena Madhuri

Acne scars are a common dermatological concern that can significantly impact the quality of life for affected individuals. Fractional laser therapy has emerged as a promising treatment modality for acne scar management, but its histological credibility and clinical efficacy remain subjects of investigation. This study aims to assess the histological changes induced by fractional laser therapy in acne scar tissue and evaluate its clinical efficacy in improving scar appearance. A comprehensive review of existing literature, coupled with a clinical trial, will be conducted to analyze the effects of fractional laser therapy on collagen remodeling, epidermal thickness and scar texture. The study will also investigate patient-reported outcomes and assess any adverse effects associated with the treatment. Through a combination of histological analysis and clinical assessment, this research seeks to provide a robust evaluation of the credibility and efficacy of fractional laser therapy as a viable option for acne scar management.

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